AR Puzzles

AR Puzzles is a full augmented reality puzzles game.

It includes 408 puzzles which could be done by every member of your family. 105 images in 4 puzzles formats (30, 60, 90 and 120 pieces).

Once you download the app, you will be ready to make the discovery of a revolutionary way of solving puzzles; trough augmented reality.There will no longer be lost puzzle peaces


​For the purpose of the app, the control pannels won't be found at the surface of the screen but within the game's virtual space.

In additon, accelerometers sensors can be found in all recent electronic devices. This particular feature measures acceleration forces , which is the change of speed or velocity in respect to time. This characteristic is necessary for the development of Augmented Reality. However, its lack of recognition of reference frames, is not as "evolved" as that of the human mind . Therefore, when used in a moving vehicle this game might not work as well as when used in a steady surface.